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Trees are major capital assets in cities across the United States.

Just as streets, sidewalks, public buildings and recreational facilities are a part of a community’s infrastructure, so are publicly owned trees.

Trees — and, collectively, the urban forest — are important assets that require care and maintenance the same as other public property.

Trees are on the job 24 hours every day working for all of us to improve our environment and quality of life.

Colorado’s urban forest provides many environmental benefits to our community.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, trees within our urban forest improve our air, protect our water, save energy, and improve economic sustainability. S., canopy cover in Colorado decreases along an urban to rural gradient.

In other words, since most trees have been planted much of the tree cover is in urban areas as opposed to “natural lands.” Therefore, estimated pollutant uptake rates are higher for residential compared to natural or unmanaged lands.

Possible management implications of these estimates are that air pollutant uptake benefits from tree planting may be optimized by planting in areas where air pollutant concentrations are elevated and where relatively high planting densities can be achieved thereby enhancing the health of urban dwellers.

Looking at trees helps us feel a sense of serenity. Trees have been shown to have an actual physical effect as well, enabling hospital patients to recover more quickly when their room offered a view of trees.

Because of their potential for long life, trees are frequently planted as memorials, and friends and family members often become personally attached to the trees.

It’s not unusual for a community to come together to save a large or historic tree, and residents are often resistant to removing trees when their cities plan to widen streets.

Trees improve air quality, conserve water, and harbor wildlife. During summer months, the shade trees provide keeps us cool and provides protection from direct sunlight.